Welcome to Health and Wellness Services Ltd

Since its inception over 16 years ago, Health and Wellness Services Ltd. has offered an unparalleled member and client experience in its fitness centers and beauty studios in Mombasa.

Starting with Creek Club and Uzuri at Tamarind Village, to its newest club bodyworx and bliss at Bahari Beach Hotel, Health and Wellness has set new standards in the fitness industry in Kenya.

Every trainer at bodyworx is professionally certified in one or more disciplines with the American Council on Exercise and thoroughly versed in the latest training techniques. More importantly, our trainers are here for only one reason and that is to help, coach and guide you through your individual program while ensuring that you prevent unnecessary pain or injury. For people who know they need to invest in better care and maintenance of their bodies but are concerned they don’t have the time or ability to succeed, our friendly team of trainers is ready to help you achieve your individual fitness goals.

All classes held with our staff at bodyworx are included in your gym membership at no additional cost. We offer classes most days of the week with over 50 classes to choose from. Occasionally we have guest instructors who charge a nominal sum for their work.

All levels of fitness are welcomed in all classes. Our instructors demonstrate modifications to fit every level of ability, so that you'll feel comfortable in the class. Come exercise with us today!

Certifications & Membership